Resist/Co-exist Live Dance Performance

Resist/Co-exist Live Dance Performance is part of De/Attachment Exhibition opening night programme. 

Resist/co-exist illustrates the story of a place where people from different cultures have gathered together to make it their adopted home. Do the citizens of this newly adopted home place themselves into rigid cultural silos and resist each other? Or, do they breakdown the barriers, share each other’s values and traditions in order to coexist in harmony?

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Music Flash Mob at Royal Ontario Museum

All the world’s a stage and we’ll Mise-en-scène at Canada's largest museum!

Join Emerging Young Artists to discover a Flash Mob traveling through galleries of the Royal Ontario Museum on Monday, February 19th. Experience the exhibition like you never have, and celebrate the Family Day with music, art, and world culture!

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A World Away 2017: Multicultural Indie Music Concert


Join us at Daniels Spectrum for ‘A World Away’ where we will witness one of the greatest cultural exchanges Canada has ever seen. Bringing together some of the biggest names in the up-and-coming Canadian scene as well as a wide variety of amazing artists from all backgrounds and genres.

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A global dialogue, fusion of arts and hearts in Toronto

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