Emergence - A Contemporary Chinese Art Exhibition


Zhang Siyong

"Emergence" - the quantitative change of things instantaneously in Chinese, namely, sudden appearance of things in large quantities at the same time.

As a natural process and inevitable life development process, "Emergence" contains the ancient wisdom, namely, "After one comes two, after two comes three, and after three come all things". Today, innovative scientific and technological generational changes, interconnected inner conversion, and development and rise of Chinese contemporary art within 40 years exist in time changes, natural changes, social reform, idea transformation and self-adaptation system of complicated ecology. "Emergence" phenomenon has existed in every species and multiple fields of world, such as Day mosquito community, butterfly effect, immune system, internet survival, mobile payment, artificial intelligence, block chain, emerging market, and world economy. Thanks to kinetic energy of "Emergence", one after another brand-new thing is created day by day to rise to different levels and interconnect and highly integrate with all things.

As for art ecology, artists are making use of media to stimulate their imagination of world. The future of many artistic creations is also changed by renewal from traditional inheritance to innovation and transformation from authority willpower to ideological emergence. The form, concept, dissemination and means of art all undergo the test of the world and the era. The more attention paid to change and creation, the closer to the future life. The easier to traverse the unchangeable reality, the more irresistible will be. It is "Emergence" spirit that shapes the irrefutable flexibility and creativity of artists.

With the changing spirit of "Emergence" concept as the theme, China's contemporary art exhibition is aimed at the organic language elaboration between materials and form, handwork and concept, technology and philosophy, history and present, individual willpower and universal power. As a result, it has organically shown the art consideration related to "humanity, science and technology, freedom, openness and decentration" in the complicated contemporary art system.


Zhang Siyong

Siyong Zhang

Artist, curator for contemporary art, founder of Beijing New Millennium Gallery at the 798 art zone, Curator & Director of Arts of Beijing Hanwei International Art Center.

  • 2013 - Organizer of “China Exhibit” at Florence Biennial IX
  • 2016 - Curator of “Art in China” at Paratissima in Turin, Italy
  • 2017 - Curator of “Art in China” at Comparison Salon of Art Capital in Paris
  • 2017 - Organizer of “China Exhibition” at Florence Biennial XI, Member of International Committee
  • 2018 - Joint Curator of “Imago Mundi” Exhibit in China by Fondazione Benetton Studi Ricerche
  • 2018 - Joint Curator of “Hungarian Contemporary Art” Exhibit
  • 2018 - Curator of “Emergence” Chinese Contemporary Art Exhibit in Toronto, Canada

Mr. Zhang is a reputable art broker and senior advisor on investment and collection market of Chinese contemporary art. With an over 20-years experience on artists promotion, exhibitions planning and art management, he devotes himself to the emerging contemporary art in China as well as dialogue and integration among international art exhibitions.