Emergence - A Contemporary Chinese Art Exhibition


Yang Shuwen

Yang has an MFA from the Oil Painting Department at Central Academy of Fine Art in Beijing. She won the Second Prize in the 75th Anniversary Painting in Denmark (2016). Her work is collected by public institutes such as Beijing World Art Museum, Yanhuang Art Museum and many private collectors.

She has been exhibited in group exhibitions including “Hi art - Contemporary Art Invitational Exhibition”, Agricultural Exhibition Hall, Beijing (2018); “Location”, Poly Art Gallery, Beijing (2017); “Xunxun”, Parkview Green Art, Beijing (2017).

Yang learned about landscape art in other countries from her visits to Japan, the USA, Denmark and Germany, during her Master’s program.

Most of my inspiration comes from life. The images of objects and hearts, in daily life, reveal the secret viewpoints and emotions of different environments.

These inner monologues are embodied in every piece of my work, so that they are filled with differences - ranging from content to form - but full of richness and order. In this series of works I emphasize composition and form in the hope that the changing structure will give the audience a special visual experience and feeling. When the work meets the recipient’s point of sensitivity, it will create a new stimulus. All things have their significance in the time they exist and I want to explore this relationship.