Emergence - A Contemporary Chinese Art Exhibition


Wang Fei

Wang is a Beijing-based artist. He has an MFA from the oil painting department at the China Central Academy of Fine Arts.

His artwork has been the subject of many solo shows in the Millennium Gallery, Beijing since 2007. His jewellery design was included in “BASELWORLD 2012 - The World Watch and Jewellery Show” in Switzerland.

His work featured in international group exhibitions including “Earth, Creativity and Sustainability”, at the 11th Florence International Contemporary Art Biennale, Florence (2017); "Post-orientalism - Contemporary Painting Exhibition in China”, Grand Palais, Paris (2017); "Ethics as the DNA of Art ”, the 9th Florence Biennale, Italy (2013); “Crossover - the Special Show of the Chinese Artists”, Basel, Switzerland (2012); "Chinese Plastic Art”, Central Art Museum of Cairo and Alexandria Art Museum, Egypt (2002).

“... This loneliness transcends cultures and time. Transcending time and space, it permeates the hearts of men and women in real life calling to the audience’s emotional resonance. In these new works, the problem of cultural identity has been transformed into some eternal issues such as the relationship between man and nature, individual and universe, small and big, and feelings of loneliness and the need for communication. This transformation not only modernizes Wang Fei's works, but also bestows on them a position within broader international horizons. Combing seas, sky, forests, mountains, stones and samurais gives us a surreal sense of fantasy, of vitality, of a strong power, and a super sense of sanctity. In my opinion, Wang Fei uses his original images to tell us contemporary fairy tales and opens up a pure and ideal realm for us in this trivial, mediocre and dirty world. When we appreciate Wang Fei’s works, we equate ourselves with his characters, and we connect ourselves with some powerful strength. At the same time, we let the characters become ourselves, and sublimate the Small ego to a Big one. He transforms reality into ideal, and freezes the temporary as eternity...”

Peng Feng, Art Critic