New Logo Announcement

By Betty Hu

New Logo Announcement

Date: October 17, 2015

We are thrilled to unveil our refreshed brand identity and redesigned website!

The new logo designed by Alex Contini represents EYA's relationship with emerging young artists tapping into their artistic potential.

The logo's box represents the challenges that emerging young artists face and the logo's bold "EYA" typeface represents the artists breaking free of these constraints. The 'A' emerges from the horizontal line, suggestive of the opportunities that EYA grants our artists. A line underneath a symbol often signifies (for instance, in math and physics) that the symbol has multiple meanings, and here is representative of the infinitely different types of artists that EYA works with and the variety of circumstances that they are presented with.

With EYA's support, these artists can pursue their artistic endeavors and bring their work to the greater art-loving public.


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