A World Away 2019 Pre-Festival Music Jamming Workshop

By Betty Hu

A World Away 2019 Pre-Festival Music Jamming Workshop

Date: April 9, 2019

We would like to share some pictures and video clip from our music jamming workshop.

Up and coming artists in the world from all areas and practices are appreciated and respected by Emerging Young Artists. It was such a pleasure to witness their fantastic energy and great fusion of so many different genres and instruments at A World Away 2019 Pre-Festival Music Jamming Workshop.


This music workshop was a evening of celebration, full of laughter, excitement, power and amazing vibe in the air. Musicians who have been creating on their own before are now improvising on the site, together.


Starting from April 15, each fusion group that are selected as festival candidates will have 2-3 rehearsal sessions to further develop their performances.

Date and Location:

    • May 25 at Revolution Recording
    • May 29 at Lula Lounge

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    • May 30 at Drake Underground

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We look forward to sharing more pictures and videos with you soon! We will be releasing more video clips from the workshop in the near future on Facebook and Instagram. So stay tuned and follow us there via "emergingyoungartists"!

Let's all count down the days to the final performances at "A World Away Music Festival 2019": May 25, 29 and 30!


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