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A World Away Canadian-Chinese Indie Music Concert 2016

Daniels Spectrum Theatre April 2017

Organized by Emerging Young Artists and Art Calorie, “A World Away”- CHINESE & CANADIAN INDIE MUSIC CONCERT, is a unique framework that fuses Chinese and Canadian culture in the form of a cross-cultural, indie music concert. The event is part of the China-Canada 2015-2016 Year of People-to-People and Cultural Exchange Program, approved by the Consulate-General of the People’s Republic of China in Toronto.

The concert celebrates various artists’ creations inspired by the culture of their upbringing. The concert also promotes artistic innovation, cultural dialogue and diversity, and crossover-fusion. Ultimately, A World Away Concert is designed to produce hopes, dreams, and inspirations that fuel social development and cultural exchange. The concert adds fresh voices and artistic diversity to Canadian society.

The concert is curated under a call for submissions to be held in early February 2016. Musicians of all ages living in Toronto, and invited guest performers from across Canada and China, bring texture and color to the concert. A World Away Concert is Part II of the Toronto Chinese Indie Voices Program. Part I of the program included a 6-week indie music workshop series led by Donald Quan, a Toronto-based professional Canadian composer of film and world music. Click here to see the video from the workshop.

“A World Away” features unique amentities for individuals and families of all ages, cultivating an enjoyable cultural experience. With your support, A World Away Concert could become an annual festival in Toronto. Additionally, a portion of the net proceeds from the concert will be donated to Sickkids Foundation to inspire our communities to invest in health and to improve the lives of children and their families in Canada and around the world. Emerging Young Artists Inc. also benefits from a portion of the net proceeds, allowing EYA to continue to offer music workshop programs for local emerging artists.

With the first snow in 2005, I came to Canada from Shenzhen.

Like many people here, I left my home just to chase the dream.

Jaki Tan

Featured Singer


Alex Leggett
Amely Zhou
Ann Chau
Children’s Hospital
Darling Cora (Darlene Cuevas)
Harry Tsai
Herman Wong
Jackroy Li
Jaki Tan (Tan Jiexi)
Jef Kearns
Leon Liang
Li Peng
Mira Meikle
Serena Li
The Jessica Stuart Few

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