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A World Away 2017

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About Us

Emerging Young Artists (EYA) is a not-for-profit organization based in Toronto.

Our mission is to increase appreciation for emerging and underrepresented artists’ work through artistic development and public exhibition. We also endeavor to foster contemporary art practices that act as catalysts for inclusivity and diversity in the arts, cross-cultural dialogue, and critical engagement of contemporary contexts.

In pursuit of our mission, we offer programs including curated art exhibitions that feature Canadian (and international) emerging artists from a wide range of artistic backgrounds. We showcase their work every year in professional art galleries located in vibrant areas of Toronto. In addition, we organize workshops, and concerts that cater to all levels of interest and professional skills of young artists. These initiatives aim to stimulate discourse within the community and encourage participation in the arts.

EYA's projects starting from 2015

EYA Projects

Starting 2015, Emerging Young Artists have successfully curated two art exhibitions – 2015 A Tale of Two Cities Art Exhibition and 2016 2116: Art of Leverage Exhibition.

In 2016, an eclectic concert brand – A World Away  Indie Music Concert was presented with the support of Toronto Arts Council. A series of music workshops were presented and organized at the same time featuring local artists who have a strong interest in art fusion and collaboration. A World Away 2017 has made a great success as well.

Please view our projects detail here.


Young talents with Emerging Young Artists

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